Emerald - Birthstone & Benefits

Posted by Semipreciousking on Sep 12th 2023

Emerald - Birthstone & Benefits

The Magical Properties of Emerald Gemstones and Why Must You Buy Them?

A green colored stone of high astrological and aesthetical value, the emerald gemstones have garnered immense popularity for being synonymous with romance and royalty. The soothing energy given off by the stone has a myriad of healing properties which also brings about vitality and freshness to the spirit. The emerald stone is a universal epitomizer of affection, unity, and unbound love.

The Power of Emerald Gemstone

The emerald gemstone is said to build friendship, promote loyalty, contentment, and reiterate balance and love between partners. The stone is famous for skyrocketing your mental clarity and enhances memory. Known as the stone of wisdom, emerald wearers have noticed visible changes in their intent and psychic potentialities, after wearing them.

The stone is said to revive passion both for jobs and person, besides attracting the person of your choice, or to bring back your lost love. The stone is an excellent choice for the workplace, given its power to accelerate your mental acuity, inspiring smooth flow of words, and strengthening memory. People usually buy emerald gemstone online to retain success in their business domains and to bring back the intensity and focus.

How Does an Emerald Gemstone Look Like?

The emerald gemstone is one of the many precious gemstone’s family such as of Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond. The stone belongs to Beryl’s green variety. It is a beryllium aluminum silicate mineral that is colored by little quantities of vanadium and chromium.

The emerald stones are available in tones that range from blue-green to yellow-green. However, the purest one is of verdant green color, varying between medium or dark tones.

The Discovery of Emerald

The Emerald has always been a fountainhead of reverence and fascination in a plethora of cultures for more than 6,000 years old. The stones were said to have been initially sold in the Babylon markets in the early 4,000 B.C. As per Indian folklores, the term Emerald was translated as Mara kata, a word in Sanskrit which implied ‘the green of growing things’. The Emerald has said it is the most precious and famous from its Beryl family.

Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stones

Also termed as ‘Bodh Rant’, the Emerald indicates the Mercury or Bodh Planet and is said to have the following benefits on the wearer.

• The Emerald stones are used for improving the power of intellect in humans and help them to gain wisdom.

• As per ancient astrological ideologies, the emerald stone can help build your creativity and help you have better imaginations power, besides nurturing your innovative skills.

• The Emerald stone is said to epitomize prosperity, in the domain of business. The people believe it equips you with the power to taste profit and success in whatever endeavor you indulge in.

• The stone is also said to be loaded with numerous health benefits, like treating brain, heart, and kidney-related illnesses. Besides, the stone is also known to cure all types of nervous, skin, and respiratory diseases.

The gemstone is in high demand amongst women, who prefer wearing them as precious jewelry. Also labelled as the cold gem, the stones have the utmost importance in the field of astrology for its myriad astrological power. Ever since its discovery, the Panna or Emerald has always been looked upon by the Vedic astrology as the powerful astrological gemstone. The vibrant green gemstone is quite popular in the western provinces and is generally worn by people born in May.

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