Tax & Duty Policy

At SEMIPRECIOUSKING.COM, we are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and stress-free shopping experience for our valued customers. 

1. Tax and Duty Charges:

We do not charge any tax or duty at the time of purchase. However, upon the import of goods into your country, any applicable customs taxes or duties related to your Gems & Jewelry imports will be customer's responsibility.

2. Responsibility for Customs Charges:

The customer is responsible for settling any customs taxes or duties directly with their country's customs authority. Once the shipment arrives in your country, your local customs authority, their appointed agent, or you, the customer, may be contacted for the necessary duties required for customs clearance. shipping courier can provide guidance on package clearance. 

3. Variability of Charges:

It's important to note that customs charges can vary and may be unpredictable. These charges are beyond our control.

4. Customs Regulations:

Customs regulations vary from one country to another. We strongly recommend contacting your local customs bureau to obtain comprehensive information about the clearance process for the items you're importing. 

5. Additional Terms and Conditions:

To further protect our customers, we may include additional terms and conditions in the invoice or sales agreement, addressing key considerations such as force majeure, export compliance, insurance, importer responsibilities, notification of issues, goods inspection, dispute resolution, financial responsibility, and the return of goods.

6. Route Cover Insurance:

We highly recommend all buyers add Route cover insurance during the shopping process to ensure coverage.

7. Buyer's Responsibilities:

Buyers must obtain permits, licenses, and comply with all customs and import regulations in their country.

8. Dispute Resolution:

In the event of disputes related to clearance and delivery, specified methods, such as arbitration or mediation, will be employed to avoid costly legal proceedings.

9. Buyer's Financial Responsibility:

Costs incurred by SEMIPRECIOUSKING.COM due to customs clearance issues or non-receipt of goods by the buyer will be the responsibility of the buyer.

10. Return of Goods:

If goods are returned due to clearance issues or non-receipt, the buyer will be responsible for sending expenses, and associated costs will be addressed. SEMIPRECIOUSKING.COM cannot accept returns if customs clearance delays the shipment for delivery.

11. Documentation and Records:

Comprehensive records of all export transactions, shipping documents, export licenses, and communication with the buyer will be maintained to ensure compliance and mitigate liability.


Thank you for choosing SEMIPRECIOUSKING.COM. Your trust is highly valued. 

Please feel free to contact us with any further inquiries or concerns.