Ensuring the authenticity of your online purchase is of utmost importance, and at, we prioritize your confidence in the following aspects:

1.Product Authenticity:

Every product we offer is brand new and precisely matches the provided description.

In the realm of authenticity, laboratories often include disclaimers in certificates for their protection. At, we prioritize transparency by clearly outlining the nature of our products:

- NATURAL: The EARTH MINED raw material is directly sourced from mines.

- HEATED: Natural material undergoes a standard heating process for a uniform appearance.

- UNHEATED: The material is natural and hasn't undergone any heating process.

- TREATED: Natural material may be enhanced with additional substances to alter color or fill tissues, as seen with glass-filled rubies.

- CREATED: The material is not natural and may include hydro, nano, corundum, etc. While its color resembles natural stones, it is a created material with a stable color.

- DYED: Whether natural or created, the material is dyed with color as desired.


Product Detail: Semipreciousking provides a transparent breakdown of each product in three steps:




This approach empowers our customers with comprehensive information about the products they are considering. If you have any further inquiries or require additional clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Feel free to contact us; we are committed to ensuring you have all the necessary information for a confident and informed purchase.


2.Established Reputation:

Your shopping experience is rooted in a well-established and respected store with a 39-year history, guided by principles of morality, ethics, and values.

Feel confident that at, our team of gemologists rigorously ensures the authenticity of all our products. To provide you with an extra layer of assurance, we offer the option to acquire a certificate from a reputable independent laboratory.


3.Certification Process:

You have the flexibility to order the certificate along with your purchase but before it is shipped. This practice is especially recommended for higher-value item purchases. These certificates provide comprehensive insights into the product's attributes, encompassing details such as cut, shape, weight, dimensions, color, and more. This additional step is designed to enhance your peace of mind and further validate the authenticity of your valuable acquisitions.

Certificate Options:

Choose from four different certificates tailored to meet your specific needs:



3.1 SEMIPRECIOUSKING Authenticity Certificate

This digital certificate is designed to assure the authenticity of your item.

It's a reliable and convenient way to confirm the genuineness of your purchase

Click to purchase this certificate for $7.99





3.2 Gem Lab Authenticity Certificate

This certificate provides essential details about your item, including its cut, shape, and size.

What sets it apart is that it comes from a certified gem lab, adding an extra layer of credibility.

Click to purchase this certificate for $18.95





3.3 Full Detailed Lab Authenticity Certificate

For those who seek comprehensive information about their item, this certificate is an excellent choice. It provides detailed information about your item but does not include its origin

Click to purchase this certificate for $42





3.4 Full Detailed Lab Authenticity Origin Certificate

This certificate is the most comprehensive option. It includes all the detailed information about your item, along with high-quality photos, and, most importantly, it reveals the origin of the stone.

Click to purchase this certificate for $65






4.Color Tones:

The color tone names on our website are uniquely created and described by us. While laboratories may use different names, the color tones specified on our platform remain valid.

We value and welcome customer requests regarding color preferences. Reach out to us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


Please note:

- Certification includes specific terminology provided by the laboratory for safety compliance, not indicating any issues with the product.

- Certain products, such as those with small diamond pieces, might not be eligible for certification by the laboratory. In such instances, we can create our own certificate.

Feel free to contact us for any further inquiries or clarification. We are committed to transparency and providing you with the information you need for a confident and authentic purchase.