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Opal: Discover the Beauty of this Hidden Gem

Opal is one of the few gemstones that got famous for its assorted colors. It is among the two gemstones designed and destined to be the birth stone of the month, October. Opals are very popular for the people who are fond of colorful and unique presence.

The name Opal was actually claimed by a lot of terms, one is that this name was derived from the word “Upala” which means valuable stone. Another one is that it came from the Greek term that means to see a change of color “Opallios”. But regardless of where this gemstone’s name had originated, it will forever be known by most of us for uniqueness.

Typically, this gem is designed and traditionally gifted for the 14th wedding anniversary of a couple. It is known to symbolized hope, fidelity, and purity. It is also the national gemstone of Australia. It is called the Queen of the gemstones.

Opal’s Properties

For all those who wonders how such colorful gemstone like Opal was formed, here is the answer. Opal naturally contains at least 10% of the water and that water comes from the rain. As water drips down the ground, it gathers silicon deposits and then enters down into cracks of rock. And then after it is evaporated, a form of silica deposit will turn into Opal.  Few Opals had been discovered on the planet Mars, this had led to speculation to the scientists that there may be water on the said planet.

The play of the color of the Opal refers to the rainbow-like scintillate that is commonly found in the gem. Opals are classified in different kinds as well and here the lists of them:

  • White Opal
  • Black Opal
  • Fire Opal
  • Boulder Opal
  • Crystal Opal

It has a rating of Mohs scale which is in 5.5 to 6.5 hardness.

The Opulent Healing Prowess of Opal

Stones are thought to be loved by beauty and by what can they give to its wearer and it is something we treasure by heart. Here are the lists of its healing properties:

  • It is considered to be a gemstone full of luck
  • It enhances cosmic consciousness
  • Opal can strengthen its owner’s vision
  • This beautiful stone can inspire creativity and can boost creativity
  • Opal is known for being a highly absorbent and reflective stone
  • It can treat various sickness and infections
  • It regulates the insulin amount inside a body
  • It can a mom that is giving birth ease the pain during labor

Pretty sure there are other unmentioned healing traits that an Opal can do. But regardless of that, no one can take the fact away that this stone is an absolute beast that is just waiting to be unleash, both in beauty and power.

Here with us, customers can view all the amazing Opal that we have made to offer. Each one comes in different shades of rainbow, while some comes in different variations of Opal. Every single one of our Opal are proven and tested. And we guarantee our customer that they can rest assure the merit of their money. Every piece are affordable in its very fair price!