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Genuine Diamond: Shine Bright Like a Diamond in a Rough

In the industry gemstone, Diamonds are naturally on top of the food chain. This is the gemstone that is always being eyed by buyers. But what does make this gemstone so special? It is because it has all the qualities and characteristics a perfect gemstone should have. It has the desirable beauty, durability, rarity, and the high value. These cannot be topped by anything Diamond have been famous for being used in jewelleries such as wedding rings to testify marriage and deep and true love within two couples.

The infamous word Diamond was derived from the Greek word “adamas” that means indomitable and invincible. In the ancient days, Romanians have that belief that these precious gemstones are sent from above and they consider it tears that fell from God above. In these early days are where all the idea of diamonds representing romantic love started, Romanians believed that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds. Diamonds are now one of the oldest gemstones, existing in over a billion of years. Diamonds are usually used in engagement rings as mentioned above. And the first use of engagement ring took place in the year of 1477.

Diamond’s Properties

These shining shimmering splendid gemstones are only consisted of one element and are nearly a hundred percent carbon. The immense heat and pressure underneath the Earth are what produces this rare crystalline structure. Diamonds are formed a hundred miles beneath us and is only being brought to the earth’s surface through the process of volcanic eruptions. Diamonds does not only appear in white hue but Diamonds can also appear in yellow, blue, red, pink, brown, black, orange, and green. Some diamonds may not come from underneath but sometimes they can be found from outer space.

The Bright Healing Properties of Diamonds  

Diamonds are considered to be the top kind of gemstone in the world simply by its characteristics. Diamonds also contains healing traits that could be among the greatest out of all the healing powers out there. Here are the shimmering lists:

  • In the ancient times, Kings used to wear armors with diamonds as they rode into a battle. This is because they believed that Diamonds will protect them from danger
  • Diamonds are known to represent strength, courage and invincibility
  • It is believed to be the one that tender the love between married couples
  • It provides inner strength to its wearer
  • It also offers self-worth and radiance

Diamonds are indeed promising! This is something everyone should put their eyes on especially all the April babies out there!

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