Crafting Excellence in the world of Rough & Minerals, Gemstones, Beads, Diamonds, Pearls & Jewellery

Our journey began in 1984, ignited by the vision of our founder who was born in 1967. The foundation of SEMIPRECIOUSKING marked the inception of a remarkable venture that started with the production of semiprecious gemstones. Gradually, we expanded our offerings, introducing cuts, cabs, beads, and various forms of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. In 1992, a new chapter unfolded as we embarked on crafting Silver, Gold, Platinum, Electroplated, and Fashion Jewelry, Gifts, Accessories, Pearls, and more.

Today, our endeavor has evolved into a comprehensive solution provider ONE STOP SOLUTION for the BUYERS.

Our Pillars:

- Capacity: Empowered by years of experience and innovation, we've nurtured the ability to cater to diverse demands within the industry.

- Dependability: Our track record of consistently delivering quality products has solidified our reputation as a reliable partner.

- Competitive Pricing: We understand the value of cost-effectiveness and offer products that don't compromise on quality while being affordable.

- Exquisite Services: Our commitment to elegance extends beyond our products to the services we provide, ensuring an exceptional experience.

Meet the Visionary:

Mr. Rajesh KUMAR Laddha, the driving force behind our group, boasts an impressive 39 years of experience in the gem and jewelry industry. Beginning as a one-man enterprise, he has masterfully grown the organization to span multiple brands and countries, notably Thailand, India, China, United Arab Emirates, and United States. 

Our ultimate goal is to assemble a dedicated team that not only maximizes customer satisfaction but also shapes the company's future. The key to achieving this is by utilizing customer insights, maintaining optimal inventory levels, and providing unparalleled personal service. These are the core elements of our recipe for success.

Unveiling the Gem and Jewelry Supermarket:

Combining our expertise in gems, jewelry, and innovation, we've birthed the concept of the largest wholesale Online Web of Gems and Jewelry. This platform covers everything from Minerals-to-Metal, offering buyers a seamless way to access the highest quality products tailored to their needs.

Beyond catering to specific stones, we stand as the trusted supplier for a range of in-demand MAJOR gems IN PRECIOUS & SEMIPRECIOUS. Our collection spans various cuts, cabochons, beads, and creative designs, all characterized by precision, accuracy, and top grade.

Our unwavering commitment to quality at competitive prices continues to drive our success. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Laddha acknowledges that embracing innovative marketing concepts is pivotal to sustaining leadership in today's competitive landscape.

A Legacy of Quality:

Positioned in the heart of the downtown gem district, our wholesale gems Centre remains a pinnacle of quality and customer satisfaction. Our reputation as a comprehensive supplier catering to the jewelry, gift, and accessories industry has only solidified over time. Customers continually attest to receiving unmatched value for their investments.

Our Unrivaled Strengths:

- Decades of Manufacturing Expertise

- Excellence in Jewelry Designing and Semiprecious Gemstones, including Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphires

- Rigorous Quality Control

- Meticulous Client Management, Order Fulfillment, and On-Time Delivery

- Highly Competitive Pricing

- Vast Inventory of Cut Stones

- Capability to Process Large Volumes



1. Personalized Expertise: Our team of experts stands by your side, ensuring a tailored experience until you find what you need.

2. Product Assurance: Our products come with authenticated certifications, guaranteeing their authenticity and quality.

3. Comprehensive Inventory: Our hub serves as a treasure trove, saving you time while offering the products you seek.

4. Effortless Excellence: Experience elegance and efficiency through our user-friendly online platform, where time, money, and quality align seamlessly.

5. Unbeatable Prices: Benefit from our competitive pricing, saving costs without compromising on quality.

6. Diverse Selection: Find a range of stone qualities to match your preferences, creating the perfect jewelry pieces.

7. Bulk Order Capability: Our factory and experts handle substantial orders with precision and timeliness.

8. Impeccable Grading: Our grading system ensures the highest product value.

9. Timely Deliveries: We understand the importance of your time, ensuring prompt deliveries.

10. Complete Solutions: Our mission is to provide solutions that guarantee satisfaction, happiness, and peace of mind. With this ethos, we've garnered a loyal clientele worldwide, solidifying our position as a leading source of gems and jewelry.


Your satisfaction is our priority.