THE Manufacturer & Wholesaler of all Semiprecious gemstones, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald in the form of Cuts, Cabs, Bead, Fancy, Plain & Layout
Finest collection of Silver, Gold, Platinum , Electroplated & Fashion Jewelry
Genuine and natural Diamonds
Natural Rough & Minerals
All colors and family in created and cubic zirconia
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Mr. Rajesh Laddha, President of Ratana Sagar Jewellery Co., Ltd. has 36 years’ experience in the gem and jewellery industry. Beginning as a one-man operation, through self-made innovation and hardworking, he has built up an organization called Semipreciousking, Ratana Sagar Jewellery Company in Thailand as well as overseas office in India, china and UAE.

His main target is to setup a perfect team which can provide the industry the best return of the customers’ money and give the perfect shape to the company and work toward goal. Best way to serve the customer on database and provide the best service. Mr. Rajesh Laddha says: “Knowing your customers, never running out of inventory and providing the very best service, with a personal touch, I believe, are the ingredients of success.”

Ratana Sagar Jewellery’s leadership in semi-precious stones, and their self-made innovation, have brought about the idea to open the largest wholesale ON LINE WEB of the “Gems and Jewellery ”, providing products from Minerals---- to----Metal, introducing the best platform for the buyers, so they can get the right quality for their needs without spending more time and the prices are very competitive.

The wholesale gems supplier not only for one particular stones but guaranteed supplier for major all well demanded stones, such as peridot, amethyst, citrine, garnet, rhodolite, white topaz, blue topaz, iolite, rubylite, tsvorite, tourmaline, aquamarine, blue moon stones , ruby and sapphire, in all quality of cut stones, cabochons, beads, fancy layouts, carving, creative designs with precision cut , accurate grade and described. “Best quality at best prices” has been the mainstay of success Semipreciousking for a decade, and will continue to be the guiding principle for the Company, but at the same time, Company President Mr.Rajesh Kumar Laddha realizes that innovative marketing concepts are necessary for the company to retain their leadership in an increasingly competitive world.

The company is located in the heart of the downtown Bangkok gem district.” The wholesale gems centre enables Semipreciousking to maintain their premier position as one of the biggest suppliers of semi-precious gemstones in the city with the guaranteed satisfaction of stone buyers. Semipreciousking has an established reputation as a major supplier of complete range of gems which is the most necessary for the industry and other product as jewellery, gift and accessories which fulfils our customers complete needs. Our customers have always reviewed that Semipreciousking gives them the best value of their money.

The Company maintains inventory of stones having every hue and tone in all colours cut ready over 5 million carats for immediate supply and capacity to process any quantity from in house factory from Bangkok, Dubai, India and China. At the same time the company maintains the raw material in all the stones to complete the immediate orders.

In response to extend their product, the company has been extending 9K, 14K gold jewellery set with diamond and colour stones in the exclusive designs. So today, the “Gems and Jewellery Supermarket” concept offers our customers a complete range of gem and jewellery products, all based on Semipreciousking strengthened experience and professionalism in Gems and Jewellery.

The focus is on wholesaling on product and services to give high satisfaction to buyers. This widely-recommended company is growing firmly and rapidly in the jewellery field.


  • The Company Has A Very Long Experience into Manufacturing Past 36 Years
  • Product Strength - All Colors in Semi-Precious Stones, Ruby. Sapphire, All Colors in Cubic Zirconia, Natural Diamond, Pearls, Silver Jewelry & Gold Diamond jewelry
  • Strong Quality Control
  • Tracking Client History & Meet with Their Order, Quality Control, Ontime Delivery
  • Very Competitive Prices
  • The Company Maintains Inventory Of 15 Million Carats of All Cut and Quality
  • Moreover, Semipreciusking.Com Holds Capacity to Process Minimum 500000 Carats A Month


1. Personalized service from our experts who are always available to assist and work with you until you get what you need.

2. Product guaranteed- The authenticated guaranteed certification that we provide for our excellent products.

3. The gem and Jewellery hub that has the inventory to provide our customers with every product you need. Save your time and purchase every extraordinary demand that you might have.

4. Elegant services and easy process- Our experts and professionals will provide you with the most excellent service with our easy online platform of purchasing for our customers. Give the best value of time with best value of money and quality.

5. Very competitive prices- Save your cost by purchasing with us in most competitive prices.

6. Best selection of stones- Varied groups of qualities according to your demand. We provide the best Jewellery according to your requirement with the best qualities.

7. Big quantity order management- Our factories and professionals are capable of handling the biggest order exceeding your expectations with the product and time management.

8. Perfect grading system- We provide high value for the product.

9. On time delivery-We deliver your as soon as possible after the order confirmation as we understand the value of your time.

10. Complete solution for all buyers’ problems- We guarantee your satisfaction, a peaceful mind, pleasure and happiness of working with us. Our professional team highly aims and works to deliver our customers with all the solutions.

With this policy the company has built up a loyal clientele that comprises major gem traders around the world. The company’s business has been entirely wholesale, supplying to the trade: to manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. It is said that this company will become the biggest source of selling gems and jewellery for wholesalers and manufacturers in Asia.