Moonstone - June's Birthstone

Posted by Sweety K on Sep 12th 2023

Moonstone - June's Birthstone

All About Moonstone Gemstone and Where to Buy?

What you should know About Moonstone?

Moonstone gemstone looks very bland which looks amazing in the light. It has a glowing sheen with a soft color that makes the gemstone very attractive. Like every gemstone, the moonstone also has its place as a sacred stone. The gemstone is considered to be very precious by monks, spiritualists, shamans, and monks.

What does Moonstone Means?

The moonstone has the power to nourish, awaken feminine energy, and give passion. It also helps in healing and acts as a guiding stone for your inner path. By waning and waxing the stone, it induces tranquility. The stone also helps in washing away the negativity and re-energize the body and soul. It has strong blue, gold, and purple rays with white energy that is gleaming and making it a protective gemstone. It is also considered to be one of the popular natural and neutral gemstones in the United States.

Description of Moonstone

The delicate beauty and the history of its heritage make it a member of the feldspar group. Feldspars are minerals that are found in the earth’s crust and can be found anywhere across the world. The moonstone comes under the orthoclase variety under the feldspar group. When the light falls between the lines, it billows across the gemstone making it glow. The change of angle under the light makes it even more beautiful.

The moonstone comes in different colors like blue, cream, peach, pink, gray, and pink. However, the natural color is blue for the blue stone.

Metaphysical Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone is a stone meant for healing. It is connected with the Zodiac sign of water. It enhances a person’s intuition, balances emotions; it calms the mood, and makes the person wearing it to accept change. It also eases fear that comes with the change. The gemstone encourages peace and harmony and helps people to become more passionate.

It is also used as a protection for traveling, pregnancy, and childbirth. The moonstone also prevents water retention, improves menstrual problems, reduces obesity, and also cleanses the digestive system. The gemstone is also known to relieve stress and is connected with a third eye and heart chakras. Due to these properties, the gemstone is considered to be a sacred and lucky stone.

Moonstone as Jewelry or a Gemstone

Natural moonstone gemstones in the United States are commonly sold as loose faceted gemstones and in the form of Jewelry. Semipreciousking offers Moonstone Gemstone, Moonstone Beads as well as moonstone Jewelry. The gemstone is very popular in an engagement ring and anniversary ring.

Where to Buy the Moonstone

You can buy the moonstone gemstone online, but you must make sure it is natural and coming from an authentic seller. One of the benefits of buying moonstone online is the ability to compare prices and save a lot of time. You may want to visit one of the most authentic gemstone seller website such as Semipreciousking is established since 1987 offers one of the largest collection of faceted moonstone, cabochon moonstone, fancy moonstone and moonstone beads. This is the company that sells high-quality gemstones and jewelry at the most reasonable price. Semipreciousking is Located in Oregon and Thailand. So, visit their website, pick your favorite moonstone and place an order online to get the best quality product in a short amount of time at your doorstep.