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Citrine: The Stunning and Wholesome Gemstone

Citrine is a shining stone that has the capacity to outlast any other yellow gemstones when it comes to purity and genuine beauty. It is a member of the large and tremendous Quartz family.

The beautiful name of this refined gemstone came from the term “citron”. It was named that way because of its similarity with the hue of a lemon. Citrine also makes a great substitute for those who wants to avail a Topaz in its Yellow variety. Romanians are the first ones to use it for jewelry designs and intaglio work. Up until today it is highly favored by famous artists in Hollywood.

Brazil is one of the top countries that produces the large quantity of Citrine in the market nowadays. Because of its availability in almost every market, Citrine became one of the most famous gemstones worldwide.

Citrine’s Healing Properties

This kind of gemstone can be often found in rock types such as igneous in which these rocks are produced by massive heat. Before buying this amusing gemstone, customers have to consider and observe its traits such as its clarity, cut and weight. Citrine always has such sizzling yellow color that comes in a transparent to translucent in nature. This certain kind of gemstone comes in multiple shades of orange and yellow and most gemstone collectors favors those which have a much darker shade.

Here are the array of tints Citrine has:

  • Yellow
  • Yellow-Brown
  • Orange
  • Dark Orange Brown
  • Reddish Brown

The stone if merged with Amethyst can produce the full of potential Ametrine. More so, this specie owns a resilience of 7 millimeters in the scale of Mohs.

Citrine’s Outmatched Healing Powers

Citrine is the official birthstone for the month of November, and with that said it will be a big lending hand for all those who were born in the aforementioned month. Here are the lists of this formidable gemstone’s powers:

  • Citrines are presumed to help people who has difficulties on their kidney, heart, and digestive system, liver and muscles
  • It helps its owner to improve his/her creativity
  • It focuses more on improving one’s perspective
  • It distinguishes all the self-harming tendencies
  • It can eliminate its wearer’s toxins
  • It is known to be a powerful cleanser and emotional healer as well
  • Citrine may be appropriate for all those who are going through deep depressions as it can help them get over and move on

This stone is such a joy to have and obtain and is something best to add in a collection of gemstones and jewelry.

Each of our Citrine that we made to avail obtains truckload of charms that will make our buyers very eager to get one for themselves. Each one had already passed through needed tests to prove that they are worthy of being own by our lovely customers. Every piece comes with a quality that no one and nothing can top. Our Citrine are now available in a very reasonable price that looks promising! Don’t wait and get an undeniable Citrine for yourself!