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Spinel: The Dazzling Ruby Look Alike

Spinel are famous for its heavy red variety that looks very similar to Ruby. With its similarity with Ruby many are struggling to differentiate these kinds of gemstone. After the 19th century, people stopped on finding the difference on the gemstones as both are super identical and can be found in the locations. Most of the popular Rubies that were thought to be Ruby are actually determined to be Spinel.

Despite being continuously compared to Ruby, Spinel is an inspiring gemstone that has its own exceptional factors too. It would also make an economical replacement for Ruby for all those who are in need of a fancy looking red gemstone but does not have the right budget to own one, this is now the chance!


The Properties of Spinel

Spinel are not only known for having Red varieties but also for emitting rainbow of colors such as:

  • White
  • Colorless
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Black

Pure Spinel is naturally colorless, and the one in charge of its number of colors are its impurities. It is very clear that the Red type Spinel are the ones that are highly loved but the other tones would also make a picturesque kind of gemstone.

Spinel is frequently fluorescent in ultraviolet light, and this can be helpful in its identification. The red Spinel are considered rarer than an actual Ruby.  However, Spinel are not that demanded on the market and is heavily overlooked.

Spinel is easily synthesized, and can be made into any color by blending in impurities. Natural and authentic gemstone does not need any kinds of treatment or enhancement. On top of all this Spinel comes with a Mohs scale of 8.0, making it among the most durable gemstones.

The Tenacious Prowess of Spinel

An overlooked semiprecious stone that also deserve some accolade on it by having lots of healing prowess, here are most of them:

  • It can help a person ease their fatigue
  • A divine and noteworthy gemstone for being able to help anyone with cancer
  • It can also treat all problems that relating to human bones such as teeth, spine, skulls and many more
  • It is a day saver for relieving a person from stress
  • Diminishing the criticism and increasing one’s self esteem is also part of Spinel’s properties
  •  It eliminates absent-mindedness

Semipreciousking.com is only among few shops that offers strikingly beautiful Spinel as we believe that Spinel also deserve to be seen by our sure buyers and it would give our buyers the chance to widen their growing selection of gemstone and jewellery. Get yours now in a very respective price.