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Chrysoprase Beads: The Convincing to The Eyes Necklace

Chrysoprase are accompanied with a glittering effect on its green that can make anyone be convinced of it. Chrysoprase is a viridescent gemstone and is a variety of the appealing Chalcedony. Chrysoprase is not like any other green gemstones that base on their chromium and vanadium to get their green color, Chrysoprase receives its bright, spring green color from the number of nickel elements.

The amount of nickel comes with a consequence of beautiful kinds of hues that ranges from:

  • Pale Yellow
  • Yellow
  • Light Green
  • Dark Green

Nickel also is the responsible for the playful and attractive patterns in this kind of stone. With its own uniqueness it has become widely popular and had been named as the most valuable gemstone in the family of Chalcedony. Nowadays, most Chrysoprase are now found in the color of Green Apple.

Chrysoprase is cryptocrystalline, it is composed of extra fine crystals that it cannot be seen by just our bare eyes. Chrysoprase is 6 to 7 millimeters in hardness on Mohs.

Chrysoprase is a birthstone for both the months of May and June.

It’s title, Chrysoprase was taken from the Greek term “chrys” (gold/yellow) and “prase” (green). Chrysoprase is always referred to as the stone of Venus. It was also mostly used by ancient people for ornaments and decorative designs for jewellery. This vivid green is said to be the most adored and favored stone of the Alexander the Great.

Our beads necklaces made out of vivacious Chrysoprase would surely attract consumers and will lift their standards higher. Made with perfection and skills, our Chrysoprase is provisioned with great shapes, cuts, string of beads, and findings. This is a collection that also has original and extraordinary looking beads necklace that can only be sighted here on us. Acquire the beads necklace of your choice for a very sensation price