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Spinel Rough

Spinel may be mistaken for a Ruby gemstone Spinel can also be wonderful on its own way. In actuality it is among the most historic gemstones. One of the most fascinating gemstones in the world is the «Timur ruby» which was later revealed to be a red spinel. Another famous historical spinel set in the British Crown Jewels is the Black Prince's Ruby.

These raw materials can be found majorly in Burma, and the aforementioned country is known for bringing and providing quality kinds of rough and mineral. Spinel comes in a variety of colors, but the most commercially important are red and pink. Few of its colors such as lilac and blue can be intense as well.

The fact that it is not as much appreciated as other gemstones, Spinel gemstones does not stop on proving and on making a name for itself. Since the heavy comparison between Spinel and Ruby, it could make a great substitute for the said precious gemstone for all those who can only afford stones that is not that costly.

Spinel can also be spelled on its secondary name that is almost similar with the original, Spinell.

Spinel owes its color to chromium, for the red to orange stones, to manganese for the violet and to iron for the blue variety. Another extremely rare variety is the attractive cobalt blue spinel, seen only in small sizes in some mineral collections.

Spinel ranks as one of the highest when it comes to hardness, reaching the Mohs scale of 8. These raw materials can appear in rocks such as granite and metamorphic rocks and they are often embedded unto them. From the year 1850, up until today, Spinel are promising that it would never stop until it is  recognize.