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smoky quartz

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Smoky Quartz Rough

Scotland is very well known worldwide, they are known for their culture and tradition, they are also famous for their trademarks and products. Smoky Quartz is one of the gemstones that this country was able to introduce to the world. It is because the beguiling gemstone have come from the before said country and in fact it is considered to be their national gemstone.

November is the birthstone for this finesse looking raw material and it is applicable for all those people who owns a zodiac sign of Scorpio. Smoky Quartz comes with a brown color and because of that it now belongs to group of rare gemstones as stones which exhibits brown color are very rare nowadays.

Smoky Quartz are treasured mostly by the bygones back in their time because they find it easy to cut Smoky Quartz into gemstones or any kind of profitable material. Most race from the early years such as Romans, Chinese and many more known country men had been using Smoky Quartz for a lot of great purposes.

Smoky Quartz is another variation of the big family of Crystalline Quartz. This Quartz on the other hand, belongs to the trigonal crystal system. Smoky Quartz usually comes with a hue of light brownish with a little dash of beautiful yellow. Most people choice are those Smoky Quartz with an orange brown to a reddish brown color.

Because of its abundance, Smoky Quartz comes with a cost that is surely budget friendly.  It can also be found in lots of country and the brown color’ demand in the market is not that high as well.

These charismatic raw materials can be turned into arresting and captivating gemstones and sometimes they can be made into striking beads necklaces and cabochons. Avail the Smoky Quartz in their rough and mineral from directly from us!