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Rhodolite Rough

The stone designated for the month of January, here is another version of Garnet, the rose hued Rhodolite. Dusky like a midnight sky, Rhodolite owns a beauty that is heavily featured in jewelleries and in market it is high in command. A commendable and bright alternative for Garnet.

It comes with a rosy-like color and that is maybe it is now gaining popularity both in gemstone and jewellery. Rhodolite owns a hue of a purplish-red or pink than the more common orange-red garnets. It is considered a very fine kind of gemstone. It is beloved because of its brilliance and durability. On the Mohs scale of hardness, it reaches 7 to 7.5 millimeters. Among the variation of red garnets, Rhodolite offers the lightest one.

Going back ages ago, Rhodolite has been widely been treated great.  Pharoahs wore red necklaces of red garnets and used it for trade and since then Rhodolite had been doing awesome in the industry of gemstones and jewellery.

This beauty of a gemstone can be gathered from the likes of North Carolina, Brazil and Norway. This modest Rhodolite got its name directly from the pink hued rhododendron flower which is a native flower that can be found in North Carolina as well.

A scientist had explained as to why this Gemstone is so popular. He believes that the color of this gemstone belongs to the lists in rare and unique. Perhaps the reason why it’s famous is because of its purplish red hue.

This obtainable gemstone is designated for an Aquarius person and also for those who were born in the month of June. From its greatness to its divine healing powers, this one will never fail to deliver. Rhodolite will help a person discover his own strength and share it with others. It is the one to serve inspiration to both the mind and the heart. It will also allow a person to open doors for upcoming opportunity.

Get a piece of Rhodolite in its raw material form and start on making your own version of masterpiece! Available now for a very reasonable price.