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Peridot Rough

A not so commonly worn, astonishing yellowish-green gemstone is the everyday good-looking Peridot. This kind of stone is the birthstone for the month of August. It may come out as a lesser known gemstone but we cannot erase the mere fact that it is stunning and astounding.

Back in the ancient days, people often confused Emerald with Peridot as Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone. An interesting fact that up until now, they are still debates going on about this theory. Back then as well, Peridot are largely produced by Egypt. It became the alpha source of Peridot and since then it has been used for trade or been sold in the market.

Egyptians gave the Peridot the moniker “Gem of the sun “. Peridot may not be as known as many other gemstones but Egyptians truly adores them the most. These peridots were turned into talisman, it is because of these ancient believed that it can ward off evil spirits around them.

Egypt is not the only mines to gain Peridot but these stones can also be gathered in places such as Myanmar, U.S.A, South Africa, Sri Lanka and many more international places.

In Hawaii, these stones were believed to come from the tears of their Goddess named Pele, the Goddess of volcanoes and fire. Peridot owns a variation of a pale green color and is believed to be the one to provide the tropical feels and tranquility to its wearer.

Speaking of shades, people will truly recognize each one’s difference and uniqueness. Here are most of the colors that it can provide:

  • Pale Green
  • Olive Green
  • Bright Lime
  • Lime Green without Brown (Among the expensive ones)
  • Yellow

Moving on, it comes with a Mohs scale of hardness that ranges from 6.5 to 7 millimeters.

The Peridot raw material that we are offering here in our website are all genuine and will not fail any of our customer’s standards. Each chunk is here to steal the show, especially with its decent and wholesale price and an extra fine quality.