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Other Roughs

Semipreciousking.com definitely wants what is best for business and as well as for our customers. Therefore, we made a new set of rough collectibles that buyers and gemstone collectors can surely acquire.

This section will let our shoppers get a glimpse on our collection of other rough and mineral. Most of these raw materials are of bi colored or multi colored. Some are just another set of brand new species of mineral. This selection would allow the choices of our customers to be stretched. These rough and minerals are gathered from around the globe. The likes of:

  • Burma
  • Afghanistan
  • Zambia
  • Uruguay
  • Mozambique
  • Brazil

are the places that are the major sources of these raw components.

We offer every kind of rough and mineral here, from precious gemstones like Emerald and Ruby to semiprecious jewels such as Amethyst and Peridot.

In here, clients would be able to avail through our massive roster of gemstones in the form of rough and mineral. Every chunk of gemstones is all matched with a quality that cannot be easily denied. We have all the variety of sizes and weights as well. We obtain every shades of color too. Customers can also rest assured that these hunks of raw materials are proven and tested and has the proper features to be made into pieces of jewels.

Avail the rough and mineral that will trigger the heart of yours. For a very sensible price, everyone would be able to get a piece of this greatness.