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lemon quartz

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Lemon Quartz Rough

A gemstone that can also be called Ouro Verde Quartz is this appealing and radiant yellow, Lemon Quartz. A silicon dioxide that gained its name due to its huge resemblance to the citrus fruit, Lemon. The vivacious exquisiteness of lemon quartz gems is dazzling, specifically when light dancing from its facets and it truly comes to life. The lively lemon color is most likely caused by iron breaching the color centers of the jewel. The contrast between citrine and lemon quartz is in their saturation and color tone. Because of their color similarity, many gem dealers do not even separate the two and use the name citrine for all yellow quartz.

Despite being named or compared to Citrine, Lemon Quartz has its own quality that can definitely stand out.

Lemon Quartz most of the times are treated with gamma radiation. Most of us may think that this kind of radiation is harmless but it is really not. The gamma radiation is completely harmless and there is no need for the gamma radiated gemstones to be cooled down. The gamma rays used for this is similar to the radiation used for stabilization of foods. This treatment is permanent for Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz is what most of us should definitely give a try. It is a gemstone that can do a lot of wonders.

It can help its owner find true and unconditional love. In the process it will guide the person to build an undisputable relationship and terminates all the distrusts and jealousy. In terms of money and business we can also count on Lemon Quartz. It can help its wearer realized and see what he really wants in his/her life. It will help its owner succeed on goals and will increase the popularity of one’s business

Definitely the raw material that comes with full potential. Make a handful of gemstones out of our freshly gathered rough and mineral for a very fascinating factory price.