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lapis lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli Rough and Mineral

Since the history of man had arrived, Lapis Lazuli had been taking names left and right. It is a kind of gemstone that will leave a mark one person’s brain. It comes with a deep, ethereal blue that will always be seen as the symbol for royalty. Lapis or Lapis Lazuli is known by many as the universal figure for wisdom and truth.

Because of the irresistible dye of blue, it is highly acknowledged back in the ancient days. In terms of pricing and value, it is among the most highly prized tribute paid to Egypt. This ancient stone comes with a name that resembles itself brilliantly and as well as its undeniable color. It has a name that was derived from the name lapis that means stone and azul that when it is translated it means blue.

The tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh ‘King Tut’ was actually discovered with a funeral mask decorated with Lapis Lazuli. Back then it has created a great rivalry and competition with Turquoise for being the highest valuable gemstone. Women of many traditions such as in China, Persia and Rome used to ground Lapis just to used them for painting their eyebrows. Women will be encouraged to purchase a product made from Lapis for their beauty indeed.

Raw materials like what we are offering takes weeks to be cut into beautiful piece of Lapis. The most recommendable cuts for Lapis Lazuli are cabochon and beads, these stones are naturally used for bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Some carvings and utensils can also be made from Lapis.

The numbers of Lapis that can be produced out of our raw materials all depends on the size of the materials that is going to be purchased. It also needs the will to create and patience to cut a piece of stone.

Acquire a chunk of royal blue now and start your own creation of gemstone or jewellery for a very sensible price!