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Garnet Rough

The January Birthstone have finally arrived in the semipreciousking.com in its rough and material form! This new year birthstone is enriched with great positivity that it would make a great piece of gemstone someday. This delightful gemstone is known for being the symbol for traits such as virtuous qualities that includes a light heart, loyalty, and enduring affections. With that being said, once these chunk of Garnet raw materials have been turned into a beautiful piece of stone, it would make a fascinating gift for a family member, a friend, lover.

Garnet are commonly red, but these stone can also be seen in colors such as black, green, it can even come out as colorless. Although this one can be found in multiple kind of colors, people are heavily fond of its deep and rich red. This is also a stone that is usually used for designing fancy jewelleries.

It is such a wonder fact that Garnet gemstones are not mined but rather are found as small pebbles in places that are watery. These kinds of places contain the most igneous and metamorphic rocks. These raw materials can be found in countries such as India, Australia, and as well South and North America.

Garnet gemstones are super magnanimous and that is why it is no wonder that this one was prized by the ancient warriors. It is believed that it can bring the warriors the victory in any kind war. Crusaders on the other hand, use Garnet as a protection from harm and to treat their wounds that they got from protecting themselves from enemies. Years and years ago, Asian warriors have thought of creating a bullet out of a Garnet, it is said to inflict more damage to their nemesis.  With all these topics being tackled, it just proves how resourceful a stone of Garnet can be for people back in the ancient days.

Get a piece of Garnet raw material directly from us and obtain a deal that is surely not regrettable. It is rather an experience that is not easy to forget. Each of this roughs come with a price that all depends on the size that customers will purchase.