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Aquamarine Rough

Speaking of deliver quality raw materials of Aquamarine rough and materials, our customers definitely can count and guarantee with us. Here only the best kinds of fresh materials can get a pass. This is to make certain that customers receive products that exactly satisfies.

The name Aquamarine for such a tremendous and classic gemstone sounds fitting. This name came from the expression “aqua marina” which is used for “sea water”. The phrase and the look of the gemstone suits perfectly with each other. The provider of hope, harmony, health and happiness, Aquamarine is here to bring a change to its owner’s life.

These stupendous rough are mined largely in the landmines of Brazil. Aquamarine can also be found in most of the states in the U.S.A. and in fact, Colorado made it their official gemstone back in the year 1971.Similar with the precious and green hued Emerald, Aquamarines are also part of the Beryl family. The pale like turquoise color are caused of the iron inside of it.

Aquamarine plays a big role in everything that revolves water. It is very well-known for the being the gem of the sea. Sailors and marines used Aquamarine to protect them from the raging sea while they are sailing. Neptune is popular for being a God of the sea and it is believed that this powerful God is connected with Aquamarine.

Besides protecting all those who travels by water, Aquamarines can also help everyone when it comes to rekindling love, friendship and elevate the spirit.

These hunks of Aquamarine are waiting to be turned and made into piece of jewellery and gemstone it would make an unforgettable anniversary gift for a couple’s 19th wedding anniversary.