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Sapphire Rough

Unlike the Sapphire Gemstones and Beads, we only made to avail Rough Sapphire with the shade of Blue. These blue hued rough and minerals contains a charm that makes it highly approved by the experts and gemstone collectors.

It has been treasured by Roman people since ancient days and up until now these chunks has the quality and potential to be turned into exquisite fragments of gemstones of different sizes. Blue hued rough minerals are those ones that are the most valuable.

The shade of color that all these rough minerals exhibits depends on the elements of corundum inside the Sapphire. The ones that turns into a blue, contains more iron and titanium.

Sapphire are known to be one of the most durable gemstones, with a scale of hardness that ranges 9 millimeters. Making it the second hardest gemstones next to the sparkling Diamond. Because of this hardness, it makes a great engagement ring. Sapphire are also being used in industrial purposes.

This thrilling Sapphire can be gathered from the landmines such as Australia, Malawi, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and the U.S.A

It symbolizes traits like nobility and faithfulness. In terms of having healing properties, it can definitely help our customers with their needs. It is known to cure eye diseases and it can preserve chastity. Royal Blue ones are known to represent royalty.

Back in the year 1796, the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte present a gift to her beloved Josephine a Sapphire and it is in the form of a ring.

Sapphire truly has the beauty that is easy to appreciate and it is very irresistible. Here in the semipreciousking.com, buyers can check out all the amazing bulk of rough that they select from. These pieces of chunks are going to mark to everyone’s mind once they are turned into masterpieces of gemstones. With its large size, it is only recommendable for gemstones collector and resellers, but sure buyers can also avail one for themselves whenever they want to.