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PrinceRaj’s Pearls

Pearls are already fantastic when set into any kind of jewellery or by its own as a single jewel, and with PrinceRaj on its side it would just make it more inevitable and extravagant!

This collection would allow our consumer to visualize some great and veritable designs from yours truly and the PrinceRaj brand. Customers would also be able to choose from metal possibilities, they can select freely from Gold, Silver and last but absolutely not the least Platinum.

But what make’s this jewel so important and different?

Typically, a gemstone is made out of rocks and other minerals but Pearls is a different story. It was able to exist because of the magic of God that allows water species such as oysters and mussels to produce Pearls by their own.

Pearls to be gathered must be farmed or cultured but back in the early days there are divers who hunts and search for pearls underwater. These searches have put the life of these divers on great danger. While hunting and searching for pearls, divers usually encounters wild sharks and it is very little when no shark attacks have occurred. With every dive that occurs by then, the chance of survival of the divers from shark attacks are very low. This is to why specialists and experts have decided to stop putting their lives on the line and start on farming oysters and mussels.

But how do the Pearls forms inside the body of oysters and mussels? Studies have stated that small foreign bodies or small parasites are able to get inside the mollusk and develop layers of pearly components around it as shield. These layers in the pearls build up similar to the layer of an onion, creating concentric circles. The more layers are developed, the bigger the chances of getting huge pearls are.