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pendant earring set

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Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 24 of 31 total

Pendant and Earrings Set

This duo of jewellery are designed to fit with each other. All these available set are under the brand of the ever fantastic PrinceRaj Collection. These kinds of sets would surely attract as many eyes as possible. Probably by the fact that the brand PrinceRaj has done a good job in executing designs that are truly modern and trendy. All the designs as well are very fashionable and trendsetting.

This type of duo is primarily worn by women. Back in the old times up until now, people used to wear these two types of jewellery separately. Since then it has become a trend that Pendant and Earring looks good with each other.

Semipreciousking.com and Princeraj collection have made the decision to offer such thunderous set of Pendant and Earrings with a design that match perfectly with each other. It is perfect for those who are having a hard time of finding a pair of jewellery that is made for each other.

These pairing of jewellery owns a plenty of charisma and star power. We are confident enough that this set that we are offering are here to satisfy and fill in every customer’s taste. Granted that all these set are all made by the PrinceRaj, it will be sooner rather than later that these ones will get notice in no time. In addition to this, we have metal options such as silver and gold to give our customers a great number of choices.

The pairing of these two also shows that no other pairings of jewellery today can bring such charisma like these two and the icing of the cake goes to the appearance of both jewellery.

It comes with a wholesale and lovesome price that can fit in to the cup of our customer’s tea with a matching quality that shows a lot of potential.