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necklace earring mang tikka

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Necklace Earring Mang Tikka

In India, bridal jewellery has a profound rooted role. Indian brides are hailed with attractively crafted pieces of jewellery, Mang Tikka is traditionally worn on the day the bride is going to marry and for the rest of her and her family’s life it will be deeply treasured. On the momentous occasion of a wedding only precious metals, diamonds and gemstones will do. Each piece of jewellery is chosen with great care and worn with pride by the beautiful and amazing bride.

Commonly, the maang tikka is a normally Indian hair dress, placed on the bride’s hairline with a drop shaped pendant that lavishly sits and dangles on her forehead. It is a tradition that a woman can only wear this certain type of jewellery on her wedding day.

The Mang Tikka is the sixteen traditional bridal embellishments. It is believed that it is place on the bride’s forehead to match the chakra called agya which is an epitome of the holy union of male and female, on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

As of today, not only Indian women wore Mang Tikka, hence it instantly became a trend and across the world most fashionistas wear Mang Tikka as a fashion statement. Those who wear Mang tikka matches it with equally amusing traditional Indian attire and sometimes even with western wear! This gorgeous Indian hair accessory, has captured the imagination of the fashion world, and has become an extremely coveted wardrobe essential. An instant crowd favorite indeed! More so, we have included Mang Tikka in a set paired with necklace and earring that will definitely place beautifully on anyone’s jewellery collection.

Here, customers can sight different Mang Tikka in wondrous motifs and styles and each set are affordable in its worthwhile classic quality and price.