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Jewellery Findings

Semipreciousking.com is here to introduce everybody who are very new to the business. Most of the newcomers may wonder on what a jewelry finding might be.

This word is used mainly to describe jewelry-making tool that are not beads, gemstones or stringing stuff. Findings are the ones responsible and accountable for joining pieces of jewelry beads together. They are so little that they can be described to as bits and bob.

Few examples of this adorable and vital tool include bails, clasps, jump rings, connectors or head and eye pins.

Normally, these can be seen in their metal forms such as gold, silver, copper and last but definitely not the least gunmetal.

But what is the reason on why these little materials are called findings? Going back in the history, beads creators had to craft each jewelry manually, jewelers would also make findings from all the metals they had used in creating their beads. Nowadays, findings are very available that can save anyone’s time.

Here are the tabulations of all kinds of findings:

  • Bails - are simply for joining a focal bead or material to a chain to create beautiful pendants. Using this variety dispenses an easy way to fasten a pendant to a chain, without the help of metalsmith or soldering skills
  • Bead Caps – a beneficial alternative for aiding to dress up the tiny bits of beads. With this, beads can be decorated with such an ease. A plain bead can be made into focal piece for a pendant by just adding this incredible bead caps
  • Chandeliers – now this example of findings is beyond similar with what can be seen on the dining table. This one is a totally different chandelier. Most of the times it is used for earring connectors. A dangly earrings can be conducted with the help of this shapely material
  • Clasps – one of the regular or mostly seen in chains and necklaces nowadays. Bracelets makers can also make use of this wondrous item.
  • Earwires – from the word itself, it is designed to be the maker of a matching pair of earrings. The process of making using this tool is that the component will have to go through one’s already pierced ear and from that the designer can attach beads or any designs to make a modern style.


Other honorable mention types of findings are:

  • Head and Eye Pins
  • Jump Rings
  • Links and Connectors
  • Cord and Ribbon Ends
  • Lobster Clasps