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Earrings: The Trendsetting Pair of Dazzling Jewelleries

Women of any kind is not complete without a pair of surely effulgent earrings. It is something that will make a beauty spark more. Earrings are the imposing pair of jewellery that people can see directly in a woman’s earlobe. Women are the major ones who loves to wear a pair of earrings but what is shocking is that back in the day it was initially worn by men.

A body that is about 5,000 years old was found in the Italian Alps and it’s the one that reveals the surprising fact. The mummy had a 7 to 11 mm diameter of borehole right in his earlobe. With the mummy being found in the tombs, it was found that men have been wearing earrings since the early bronze age. The warriors of Persian Empire are known to wear a duo of dazzling earrings as well.

In India, it is a tradition for both male and female babies to be pierced soon right after they are born.

Ancient belief always believe that most amulets can be worn to avoid the evil spirits around them and wearing earrings is one way to ward these bad elements. Also in these days, doctors presumed that by wearing this jewellery, people who suffers from headache and poor eyesight can be relieved by the help of earrings.

In the Eastern part of the globe, earrings have instantly become popular and ages have past women wore headgears full of jewellery and their ears are often covered by their hairstyles thus making earrings not that important. But when the 16th century hits, the earrings came back from the ashes and became dominant since then. Earrings with Pearl in it were the ones that are highly asked for.

Famous icons and historic influencer such as Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Francis Drake wore their gold rings and other ornaments in their ears.

The style of earrings can fit with both men and women and it is a thing of beauty that will help them elevate their confidence. Our earrings here in the semipreciousking.com are all made with the help of the extravagant PrinceRaj brand and with that said, it is certified that all our earrings in this collection are all equipped with original and genuine designs that customers can only see here with us. Avail now and wore it as a reward for your hardworking self!