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White & Yellow Gold Chain

Since the early days, chains had gained a wonderful coveted spot in the world of jewelry. Chains emblems undying adornment and all the other beautiful things that connects us humans. It also symbolizes the infinity of the hoop connected, that loops to other spiral.

However, there are chains that best portrays all the nasty parts of human relation such as maltreatment, captivity, and agony.

The chain is the perfect jewelry that embodies for the enigma that is love. Chains have been wondering markets all over the world and the oldest Chain dates back 2500 B.C

A great specimen for the oldest chain were located in the early Babylonia in the Biblical city of Ur, the former Babylonia is now known as Iraq. The chains were found on the tombs where royals are buried and at that time, Ur was the most powerful state in the Mesopotamia.

One of the valuables found in the shrine if Queen Puabi who was buried in 2600 BC were colossal amount of gold accessories, that includes:

  • Headdress
  • Chains

The latter kinds of jewelry are embossed and designed with lapis and carnelian beads.

The Queen herself wore these beautifying ornaments as belts, necklaces and other golden chunks of jewelry. When an important even comes, she always adds an additional gold and she possesses chains that are mainly designed and inspired from perennial loop-in-loop.

Queens from the past are not the only ones who had fallen to the pits of Chains alluring qualities. In fact, it became a hit for both genders. Henry VIII wore a chain of heavy gold as a personification of favor but kept the best for himself.

Men in the early 16th century of German and Flemings nationality were voguish sling in gold connections as immense as chains that can be seen on a bicycle. When the era of 2000’s had started, Rappers have created their own twist on chains similar to the ones on the 16th century.

Nowadays chains are mostly for men but there are still designers and manufacturers that yields the best chains for women with exclusive designs only for them

Semipreciousking.com are offering their clients chains of silver and gold with a diversity of designs that is highly unquestionable.