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Behold as here comes another Indian beloved jewellery. Bangles are like no other, it does not have any similarity with the other forms of jewellery. The dazzle and sparkle of Bangles are something special that makes it very tempting.

Indian fashion is not complete without the compelling Bangles. Many wonders how Bangles became such a trend. What makes Bangles special that makes it loved by women even those who are married and unmarried.

Bangles comes in different sizes and weights and as well as metal options. Bangles are typically impeccable that is why it is almost worn everyday by Indian women.

Back in the early days, Bangles were not really made initially with metal options but is rather made from materials such as:

  • Copper
  • Shell
  • Terracotta

Adding up to that, Bangles are not always coated with gold or silver paintings but is decorated with black or red motifs and in the early days, it was worn by men as well. Elderly believes that Bangles can help the blood circulation through increasing it.

Bangles is also a thing of beauty that we can always see on the infamous world of Bollywood! A lot of actresses in the industry are in love of using colorful and shimmering Bangles in front of the camera and especially in their movie or television scenes. On the infinitely growing population of Bollywood actors, for them Bangles are the representation of one’s sense in fashion.

In the color department of Bangles, some colors are worn for a specific moment or event on one’s life. One prime example is the red variety of the said jewellery. Traditionally, it is a must for a bride to wear the luxurious red Bangles on the day of her wedding as they believe that red signifies prosperity not only in relationship but also in the woman’s life. Green on the other side represents good luck and fertility. Silver symbolizes strength, purple embodies independence and the radiant gold stands for prosperity as well and fortune.

Nowadays, Indian women and Bollywood actresses are not the only ones who wears it. People around the world have learned about the beauty of the jewellery and now sees is as a fashion statement. Grab your sparkly Bangle now for a very special price made just right for you.