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Buy Genuine Purses

Purse or handbags are a typical feature in everyday style and life nowadays. For many people, particularly ladies, it seems like they cannot live without purse on their lives. Purse however, do plays an important role on everyone’s lives as a person can put his/her belongings to it and carry it wherever he/she wants to go.

The first use of purse dates back to the fourteenth century. Going back to the age of 1900’s, the early people use to call purse as handbags. At that time, handbags as described as the suitcase for men. From time we can all tell that it’s a huge difference from today.

Purses with zippers was introduced by Hermes, the latter created it in the year 1923.

Purse with cane handles with a brand Gucci on became a trend during the World War 1. Because of the massive war, there was a lack of leather at that time.

A Japanese designer had manufactured on what to become the most expensive purse/handbag in the world. The clutch bag was designed with platinum and more than 2000 diamonds. The bag costs for over two million dollars.

Based on the studies, an average woman possesses about six or more handbags in her wardrobe. A survey was held back in 2007 and it said that men selects handbags that are branded than women does. Now that is totally shocking!

In 2010, a purse held a Guinness book of records for the most valuable handbag to Mouwad. The night diamond purse costs for about $3.8 million dollars. A jaw dropping price for a breathtaking purse!

Another survey was held and according to it, majority of the women would spend more money on their purses rather than on their shoes.

Moving on, the Purses that we offer here are all made with complete appearance. Most of them are consisted of colorful pearls in the form of beads. These bags are cost depending on the value and design of them. Avail now and start collecting these undeniable accessories!