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Men are the utmost ones that loves to wear this elongating piece of cloth manufactured into professional looking ties.

Way back to the untimely days of ties, they were typically used to keep the collars of men’s shirt from bounding together. As ages passed, neckties went through various vogues and is now in its modern look.

Cravat is the word best to narrate neckties. The first forms of ties were in their silk scarves ragged by the native soldiers of Croatia. Up to this date, neckties are the common kind of present for men especially for their birthdays or even in Father’s Day.

If there is a Guinness book of record for the nation who spends the most for ties, Americans will definitely win that contest. Americans spends an estimate of one billion for year just to purchase 100 million neckties a year.

 Nowadays, if one person wants to protect himself, he can go and avail a bulletproof version of ties.

Satya Paul, an Indian designer once manufactured a necktie that costs for like $220,000. The tie that he created was fashioned with natural silk with approximately 261 studded diamonds.

Grabatologist is the perfect term for all the people who are fond of collecting ties in their wardrobe.

In the 17th century, an English man mold and designed a tie that even a sword could not slit. Actually, these ties are not for fashion purposes but rather to protect one’s self during the days of war. There was a time when touching or grabbing another man’s tie means that the grabber wants to begin or challenge for a sparring or fight.

Neckties are such a man’s need and due to that it is available everywhere on this world.

Our version of neckties are very exclusive and out of this world. We manufactured such items made with white and black pearls partnered perfectly with other colorful stones. These ties are collectible and would assuredly make a sublime gift for him or for dads!