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Magical carpets only exist in fairy tales but Carpets in real life is not something we should sleep on. Carpets are very interesting.

One belief about carpets is that it can help and aid those who suffer from the virus that causes stomach ache called Norovirus. People believe that an uncleaned carpet can help a person survive in a month or more.

In the Southern Siberia, right exactly in the tombs of Scythian, there is a remaining carpet and it is being celebrated as it has been lasting for over 2,000 years old.

Inside one’s home, Carpets are one of the places that is considered by microbiologist to contain large number of germs. Most of us believed that there is always a five-second rule once our food falls on the floor but it was all a myth. According to the experts, bacteria can live up to a month on carpets, and with that being said, we should always keep our carpets neat and still. Because if we don’t take care of our carpets there is a big risk for most of us to get bacterium causing diseases.

Moving on, red carpets that we can often sight in celebrity big events, little did we know that it was not the reason why it became so popular to most of our eyes. It was initially used for marking ceremonial and formal roots for leaders and politicians.

Carpets, when they first came out in the industry, Vacuum cleaners had a hard time on selling such products as people wants them to be convinced by the vacuum by cleaning a carpet.

Nowadays, Carpets are fabricated from artificial plastic fiber. Other carpets however are made from knotted wool, which can house beetle grubs or “wooly bears”.

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