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Tsavorite: The Splendid and Shimmering Yellow Green Gemstone

Tsavorite is one of the gemstones today that is very brand new to this kind of industry. Tsavorite is also a gemstone that just proves that it does not matter how long it has been introduced into the world, as it can still rise as among the top. A rare member of the gemstone Garnet. Similar to Garnet, the birthstone for this month is January, thus explaining that the healing prowess goes great for all those who were born on the said month.

It was discovered in the year 1967, right on the park of Kenya. The first one to discover this very gem is Campbell Bridges and the latter later introduce it for trading by the year 1970. Because of being new to the market, it is not highly requested in the market as of now. Upon being new, this Tsavorite gemstone is the most expensive kind of Garnet, the price will only depend on the carat of stone.

Tsavorite’s Properties

Tsavorite is the emerald green variation of Garnet.  Tsavorite shares almost the same look with Emerald, they only differ from brilliance and hardness. These beyond powerful and amazing gemstone comes and rates a Mohs scale of hardness that ranges from 7 millimeters. The one responsible for its color are the elements on the stone which are the vanadium and chromium oxide.

Tsavorite Garnet are the best when its daylight, as the light from the sun makes the stone look more yellowish. They are many designated cut for this particular stone and those are brilliant and mix cut, while on the shape area, round and pear are most suitable ones.

A Bright Lists of Tsavorite’s Healing Powers

It is part of the Garnet family and it only means that the two stones share almost the same healing powers and here are most of them:

  • Tsavorite are also considered to be a traveler’s stone
  • It is believed that by the use of Garnet Lantern, Noah from the Noah’s Ark have survived the storm
  • It has the power to provide vitality, positivity and strength to its owner
  • It can enhance the metabolism of a person
  • It can also aid in improving one’s immune system
  • It helps in improvising the creativity and critical thinking skills

Tsavorite is indeed one of those Garnet that a person can get the best out of. It is super beneficial!

We are not only offering Garnet, but we also offer few of its variation such as Tsavorite. These Tsavorite all has the quality best to soothe our consumers. We can guarantee that with all these stones we can make a smile out of our beloved customer’s faces.