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Rubellite: The Thunderous Red Hue that is Empowered of Refining Someone Else’s Life

Rubellite is that joyful to look at and colorful, pink to red gemstone that belongs to the clan of Tourmaline. Back in its early discovery days, Rubellite are often mistaken as Ruby with buyers and collectors not aware that the two stones are not alike. Even up to day, there still few gemstone collectors that have not acknowledge the difference between Rubellite and Ruby yet.

The term Rubellite was acquired from the Latin term for red, “rubellus”. It is being considered as a rare type of gemstone. Pink shaded Rubellite are considered to and called Tourmaline gemstone in most market. Rubellite makes a great substitute to Ruby but its sure does has its own uniqueness and shining moments.

Rubellite Properties

Rubellite are naturally formed under intense pressure, showcased through the difference of hue they display, ranging from awesome pink to ruby red. This regal red hued gemstone is a pyro-electric gemstone. It has the capability to generate an electric potential once heated or cooled. The crystalline structure is polarized when exposed to a much different temperature.

Ravishing Lists of Rubellite’s Healing Properties

Rubellite can be seen as gemstone that resembles a big ball of fire with all the healing properties it can provide. This is the list of all the things it can offer

  • It can make its wearer the better version of himself
  • It also provides great communication
  • Has the ability to boost your flexibility and tactfulness
  • It is the gemstone to fill a person with nothing but pure love
  • It is ideal for ladies who have gone through emotional phase in their lives to use Rubellite
  • It will turn anyone’s sorrow into joy

We have assured that each gemstone of Rubellite that we are offering owns a distinctive look, with each one having various cut, shapes, and designs. These magnificent Rubellite are all proven and tested and each one has the five-star quality.