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multi tourmaline

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Online tourmaline Gemstone: The Brilliant and Inspiring Show Stealer!

Tourmaline normally emerges from the landmines as a singular color but there are some kind of Tourmaline that was gathered with already different kind of colors and those are what to be considered Multi Tourmaline. Most of the time, we, the manufacturers and gemstone experts often sell tourmaline in mixed and assorted combination of colors. We often matched the colors that can be determined on the shade of the stones. We made sure that each color in each bundle truly complements each stone. Its name Tourmaline came from the early Sinhalese, a language still spoken by most Sri Lankans. It is thought to be derived from the word “tourmali” that simply means a precious mixed-color stone. Tourmaline with an already mixed color are super rare and indeed valuable.

In the fashion department, these stones were never used as a design or material in making clothes, but once there was an American jewelry designer, it instantly became famous and a trend. There is no denying that with the beauty of it, it does make some magical look on anything, even on dresses.

Multi-Color Tourmaline’s Properties

There are no questions that needed to be asked that Multi Tourmaline is absolutely an outstanding gemstone with how many varieties of colors it has. An absolute and always sought after, Tourmaline is also very rare. Caused by its great traits, experts have given this gemstone full of great attributes the moniker “gemstone of the rainbow”.  Multi Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral made up with diverse other elements such as iron, aluminum, sodium, lithium, magnesium or potassium. On Mohs scale of hardness, Multi Tourmaline usually ranges in between 7 to 7.5.

Moving Multi Color Tourmaline Healing Powers!

Each of the colors that Tourmaline produce has all various kinds of healing capabilities, but if we are talking about Multi Tourmaline then that only means that this gem’s power is more impactful and powerful. It is existing for people’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental related problems, and it is here to save the day. Here are most of the things this stone can do:

  • It is believed to straighten the spinal column
  • It also furnishes relief to strained or torn muscles
  • It defends its owner from harmful diseases
  • This gemstone can balance the aura of a person
  • Cleanses all the negativity of its wearer
  • It treats people with obsessive behavior
  • It also provides clarity and great vision for the foreseeable future
  • It can also be used as a Feng Shui amulet
  • Multi Tourmaline are usually used in hair straightening as well

Pretty complex indeed, and that is what is making this gem outstand!

Getting the perfect combination of colors of Multi Tourmaline will add the spice and dynamic needed in anyone’s already tremendous collection of gemstones and jewelry. Semipreciousking.com is here to deliver our clients the quality they deserve and the value of the gems that will match the importance of our customer’s money. All our Multi Tourmaline is here to steal the show and each one shall not be missed! Obtain a piece of this magnetically beautiful rainbow!