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lemon quartz

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Lemon Quartz: The Strikingly Lustrous Yellow

Also known for its name Oro Verde Quartz, is this Lemon Quartz that is obviously interconnected regarding the quartz family. This exquisite variation of Yellow Quartz will steal anyone’s attention for its luster and brightness. A refreshing to the mind and presence and is arguably an amazeballs glowing yellow semiprecious gemstone. This Lemon Quartz is often confused with its counter-part like Citrine. One distinction is that the difference between these two is the tone of the color and the saturation.

The yellow tone of this gemstone makes a cheerful tone that makes it perfect to be included in fashion. These gemstones are mainly found in Brazil. Once faceted, it can surprise everyone with its high quality, it comes with that dazzling and vivacious beauty that adds spark to the gemstone itself. This gemstone symbolizes traits such as creativity, organization, optimism and well-being. It is desirable and beautiful enough to make a name for itself.

Lemon Quartz’s Properties

Aforementioned, this glowing yellow is a quartz specie, only in yellow variation. A silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7 mm.  In addition, another kind of this yellow is the Green Gold Quartz, they are almost similar but the only difference is that Lemon Quartz are often pale in color.  The color is usually caused by iron breaching the color centers of the gem. It is also a kind of gemstone that are considered by experts to have a Trigonal crystal system.

Healing Powers of Lemon Quartz and its Splendid effects:

Most people used the power of gemstones for healing purposes, some uses them for luck and a lot uses them for both benefits. Take note of Lemon Quartz healing faculties:

  • Lemon Quartz is a gemstone is mainly used for its power to provide good luck and fortune, mostly used by business minded people
  • It also reminds its wearer to count every blessing in their lives
  • It permits the perfect perspective and vision to its owner
  • It enhances the focus on achieving the goal
  • It drives away all the kind of evil spirits

This is the kind of gemstone that people should capitalized with especially with its vast powers.

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