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beer quartz

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Beer Quartz: The Infectiously Amazing Gemstone

A contagious charming yellow in the form of Beer Quartz. A very popular and in demand from the group of Quartz.

Beer Quartz can be discovered largely from Tanzania, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Uruguay, USA, Canada and Madagascar. It can also be found in South Africa, Myanmar, Namibia, India and Sri Lanka.

Beer Quartz’s Properties

Beer Quartz is clear/crystal quartz which needs a natural heating treatment in order to get the yellow it has been famous for. It was classified as one of the semiprecious gemstones for its high value antiquity.

Due to heating process it is being able to produce an earthy golden brown hues connected with beer and the word “beer” simply describes the color of the stone. In terms of quality, Beer Quartz is often transparent.

The Full of Clarity Healing Properties of Beer Quartz

Beer Quartz is a genuine kind of gemstone when it comes to being one of the super and powerful healing gemstones. A very simple yet fantastic gemstone and here are its powers:

  • It amplifies the energy and it can be a wonderful gemstone for clearing and cleansing
  •  It can be a great shield for its owner
  • It can enhance clarity, energy, protection and healing
  • For all those who are suffering relating on their digestive track, Beer Quartz is one of the main heroes for that
  • It is in charge for letting go of impurities
  • Beer Quartz is a stone for harmony

Beer Quartz is a gemstone that looks like addicting when it comes to hearing the name beer on it but this noble gemstone would never get anyone drunk or anything. Beer Quartz is plainly here for its power to shape up its owner. Semipreciousking.com feels that it is just correct to welcome our clients to another collection of semiprecious gemstones which is the Beer Quartz. Each yellow stone will make anyone active as they can see variety of shapes, cuts, designs and shades of yellow. Relax and browse all our available Beer Quartz with an affordable price.