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Iolite: The Invincible and Incredible Purple

Iolite is popular violet colored gem which is very famous when it comes to jewelry making. Every Iolite gemstone that owns a great appearance and a perfect grade are designated to be cut into a gemstone but those with are less are supposed to be for beads necklaces.

Iolite’s owns a name which was extracted from the phrase “ios” that means violet. Iolite is the gleaming in purple gemstone that earns the moniker the “water sapphire”.  It has got its name for having a clear secondary color when it is being rotated. With this gemstone being called with its respective moniker, most people have made the Iolite a great substitute for Sapphire. However, despite being able to be a great replacement for the precious stone, the characteristics between the two are from close. It is not as hard and as sparky as a Sapphire but still it has its own uniqueness.

Mariners are the main ones to use this plum gemstone that is another reason why it earned its nickname. They use it with their compass so that they will not get lost in the big blue ocean. Not only it was used by Marines but Vikings were believed to used it when travelling back from ages ago and they refer to it as the Viking Compass.

With changing shades of blue and violet, Iolite carries the aura of aspirations, fantasies, journey and exploration.

Iolite’s Properties

Iolite is a form of cordierite. It is pleochroic, which means that it appears dark blue when viewed from one direction and when turned, it can appear yellowish grey to almost colorless.

Iolite also includes in itself a distinct factor, which is known as pleochroism. Pleochroism is a phenomenon with which one can see a kaleidoscopic effect when the stone is seen in different positions.

The Supreme Lists of Iolite’s Powers

Iolite is already paradisiac and no one can argue with that fact, but what more with its numerous healing properties? Here are the lists that all the January and December babies should take note:

  • It is believed to have a high influence to characteristics such as leadership ability, confidence in self, and as well as inner strength.
  • It is a great solution for headaches and dizziness
  • It can calm one’s mind
  • It can serve as a noteworthy fortune teller as well
  • It is known to be a gemstone for all those who travel

Reading all the facts about Iolite made it seem like Iolite is one of the most important stones in our lives, especially those who travels by water.

In terms of availability, we offer our clients every possible kinds of Iolite that all differs greatly from sizes, cuts, and shapes. We also got every shade of purple. Our Iolites are available for a very wholesale price with a quality which can never be rivaled.