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green gold

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Green Gold: The Radiantly Beautiful Variation of Quartz

Green Gold is another variation of the broad family of Quartz.

On the Portuguese term, “ouro verde quartz” is where the Green Gold name was produced. It earned its name for its color which is a yellow with a dash of green kind of similar in color to yellow chartreuse liqueur.

Green Gold Quartz or Green Gold are commonly found in the gem fields of Brazil, making the said country one of the main producers of the previously mentioned gemstone. This extra good-looking gemstone makes an affordable alternative for gemstones such as Peridot and Apatite, keeping in mind that Green Gold owns a very economical price and it is also very available in every market that can be seen around. Being part of the family of Quartz also makes this gemstone very popular for most people.

Green Gold’s Properties

One of Quartz awesome variation is the Green Gold Quartz. This semiprecious gemstone may be related to another brilliant gemstone which is the Lemon Quartz, the only difference is that Lemon Quartz tends to have a much darker shade than Green Gold. A lot of experts often compares this gemstone to the beauty of Citrine as well (considering most confuses Citrine and Lemon Quartz). But with its naturally amusing color, it is for sure one of a kind and unique. Quartz and its kind such as this Green Gold is known for being durable, and with that said it is undoubtedly one of the gemstones to go for.

Green Gold Quartz is an improvised Metamorphosis Quartz, and this kind of Quartz are exposed in gamma rays which resulting of the beautiful color of the gemstone.

The Vivacious Lists of Green Gold’s Healing Powers       

Most of the gemstones in the world simply shines not only for their beauty but also for their amazing healing powers. Here are the lists of Green Gold’s Healing properties:

  • It can act as a protector to its owner
  • When a person is pursuing a dream, it is best for them to grab a Green Gold as it can help them shine to whatever goal they are targeting
  • It can provide abundancy to its wearer
  • It allows the wearer to understand some deeper meanings
  • This gemstone may become a big part of a person’s life as it can change theirs in an instant

This gemstone is very applicable for those who were born in the month of April as this stone is the birthstone for the said month.

Our Green Gold Quartz are treated with expertise and each have gone through every needed qualification to ensure that we can satisfy the needs of our buyers. Each of the Green Gold Quartz that we have owns a quality that can never be matched and also an immensely eye catching wholesale prices that clients will surely never get enough of.