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green amethyst

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Green Amethyst: The Gemstone That Emits Greatness

When it comes to the word Amethyst, the only color that comes to our temple is the beautiful lilac to a rich purple hue. Amethyst does not only manifest a color like what we have mentioned. As a matter of fact, Amethyst comes with another variation of color and that is the Green Amethyst.

Amethyst and all its quartz and non-quartz variation can all be gathered from all over the globe. However, The gemstone collectors and experts prefers to mine Green Amethyst that owns a great number of iron compound for them to be able to extract the right green shade they want.

Green Amethyst are called in another name which is the Greek word that means “leek stone”, Prasiolite. Its green color is what makes them decide to name it that way it has the green color that matches perfectly with the shade of a leek.

With this kind of presence, it would make a fantastic design for jewelleries such as earrings, rings and pendants.

Green Amethyst’s Properties

Green Amethyst is part of Amethyst family and this uncommon gemstone obtains the similar chemical make up which is the silicon dioxide. There are times that a stone has a much bigger number of iron compounds inside. Once an Amethyst is treated with heat, its natural purple shade will turn into green. Heat treatment is natural and very common in this type of industry and a stone being heated is still as valuable as it was before.

Experts have found another way that instead of using natural Amethyst, they used colorless quartz that allows them to execute a pale green that they are now calling green quartz.

Green Amethyst of Prasiolite comes with a variation of colors and they are:

  • Lime Green with a little pinch of Yellow
  • Yellow to a Deep Pine-Forest Green

The Classic Lists of Green Amethyst Healing Powers

Green Amethyst and Amethyst are very similar in terms of healing their owners but regardless of that all these powers will definitely be beneficial:

  • Being highly associated with both the Amethyst and Citrine, Green Amethyst serves as a connecting bridge between the solar plexus, heart, third eye, and crown chakras
  • Prasiolite is the perfect stone if a person wants to reconnect himself back from his spiritual peace
  • Green Amethyst is the buddy to be if you want a voice best to depend the nature
  • It can improve a person’s intellectual thought
  • It has the ability to help a person to make it through a difficult situation
  • It is a loving gemstone when it comes to our vital organs, it is said that Amethyst and all of its variation guards their owner from various of sickness

Green Amethyst may not wear a cape, but it is a hero in the form of a stone.  It has a lot of things that it can provide to a person that it can save their day

We offer Green Amethyst gemstone in the store with pure class. We provide only those which we think would fit in perfectly on the mindset of our customer’s taste. These sensational gemstones can now be yours with just a very economical price.