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pink amethyst

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Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst is the rose hued variety of the amazing Amethyst. This rose hued gemstone is related to the prowess of the spirits. The spirit amethyst owns the special gifts bestowed by the spirit, emotions, mind and the physical body.

Pink Amethyst is rather the feminine version of the purple hued gemstone. Despite the softness of the color of this stone, it should not be something to be overlooked. In fact, the beads variety of Pink Amethyst is often named as the “Master Healing Crystals”.

Moving on, Pink Amethyst has meaning and attributes that supplies a person’s heart with pure and natural love. Pink Amethyst is full of energy when it comes to giving gentle love powers to reduce the stress and anxieties on one’s life.

When it comes to colors, Pink Amethyst is more of a purplish tint more than pink. Some gemstone collectors called it an Amethyst with pinkish color but nonetheless this diversity of Amethyst is undeniably a cute impression. In addition, this beauteous of an Amethyst is not a common color for the said semiprecious rock. Therefore, the value for this stone is very high.

Since the Pink Amethyst is another variation of Amethyst, it is also the birthstone for the month of February and the Pisces in the zodiac sign.

Let’s check on what other things Pink Amethyst can do:

  • Discharges negative energies inside the body
  • A charming enhancer of charm of a person
  • It can enhance the owner’s aesthetic sense
  • A cleanser of chakra as well
  • The balancer of chakra
  • Maintain the feelings of understanding, calmness, trust, and grace

Pink Amethyst gemstone that customer can sight in our collections are all filled with greatness and inspiration. Pick your salmon colored Amethyst now for a very sensible price!