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Garnet: The Full of Sensation Gemstone That is also Filled with History

The look of Garnet alone is interesting and most gem collectors and jewelers are fond of this gem because it has a lot of history in store. Garnet were discovered way way back as 3800 BC, it was discovered by Egyptians by the use of their art. It is believed to have an important role and symbol of good health. They have crafted this kind of gemstone into a jewellery and starts to make it a trend for them.

This historic gemstone’s name were derived from the Middle English term “gernet”. This term came from the word “gratanum” which is a Latin word that means seed. Over the years it also became the symbol of friendship, resulting in great brotherhood, peace and health for everyone back then. Truly wonderful!    

Garnet comes out as one of the most affordable semiprecious stone.  Sometimes in different forms it becomes rare and expensive

Garnet’s Properties

Garnet is simply a show stealer with how amazing its beauty is. It comes in a wide selection of colors. There are a lot of varieties as well. There are also gemstone hybrids resulting in combining of two or more types of garnet.

The following are some of Garnet’s varieties

  • Green demantoid garnet
  • Orange spessartite garnet
  • Red pyrope garnet
  • Pink rhodolite garnet

This kind of gemstone comes in the Mohs scale of hardness that scales between 6.5 – 7.5.

Healing Properties to be Noted

Take note of all the lists of healing properties this kind of gemstone has:

  • It symbolizes good health
  • It also epitomizes the great and long lasting friendship
  • It is thought that if a person is wearing this and he continues or starts doing good things then more good things will come to him/her
  • In the ancient days, healers used this gemstone for treating of inflammation
  • It was also used for helping everyone who is going through depression

January babies should also capitalize on this gemstone’s marvelous powers as they can get the most out of this stone.

These passionate stones are available in its reasonable price that customers will not regret, hence they will love it with how standard the quality of our Garnets are. We offer every possible kind of Garnet for our customers selection. Get yours now!