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blue moonstone

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Blue Moonstone Gemstone: The Beguilling Blue Gemstone That Will Serve As Your Knight In Shining Armor!

This very stone that shimmers in everyone’s eyes is among the most valuable stone from the group of feldspar. It is also considered being one of the most exciting gemstones to have because besides being naturally magnetic and beautiful, this gemstone has also its authentic healing capabilities. Blue Moonstone are commonly used as a present between a married couple in their third anniversary.

On the other hand, the color of this blue moonstone is not just blue but it can also produce satisfying and striking combination of amazing colors. Some confuses Rainbow Moonstone and called it a Blue Moonstone for their similarities, although the latter is not considered or acknowledged as a true moonstone. The name Blue Moonstone and Moonstone were formed because of the moon-like appearance of the gem. From the ancient times and up until now, these gems are thought to have the power of a Goddess.

Wonderful Properties of Blue Moonstone that you can make the best of!

Most commonly known for its natural blue hue or most of the times colorless visual, these stones may also appear in their different kind of colors such as:

  • Cream
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Peach

Formed by Albite and Orthoclase from the feldspar category, these two elements managed to create such alluring kind of gemstones. Blue Moonstones have that effect called the adularescence caused by the intergrowth of another feldspar in oriented positions within the main canvas of the gemstone.

Awesome Lists of Blue Moonstone’s Healing Powers

Ancient people made the best influential people back in their day and their known thoughts and tradition about a certain gemstone is still here living among us. Here are most of this entrancing gemstone’s great prowess:

  • It is known worldwide that this stone can bring luck and good fortune both for your life and for your business.
  • It provides its wearer the power to foresight the future and give them some premonitions
  • It is usually used by couples to tender their love and bond with each other
  • It can also be used for arousing your significant other
  • To be an effective fortune teller gemstone, once it is full moon, elderlies have the belief that is best to put the gemstones in the mouth
  • It can balance the emotional state of its owner
  • It can also support wisdom and critical thinking skills
  • Increases both willingness to take action and brings confidence and courage
  • Inspires passion and creativity as well

All these healing properties are applicable to anyone who do believes on this gemstone, and people who were brought up to this world in the month of June may find it super beneficial

Come and purchase some luxurious Blue Moonstone with us and we will bring the experience that no one will ever forget. Make sure to check out the main page of this Blue Moonstone to sight all the available shining semiprecious stones. We are very sure that our Blue Moonstone truly satisfies!