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Ametrine Gemstones: The Astounding Bicolor of Amethyst and Citrine That Comes With A Surely Top Class and Tremendous Look!

If both the Amethyst and Citrine gemstone has been combined will conclude to a shining shimmering splendid Ametrine. The combination of this two gemstone shows that they can create such lustrous gemstone. A lot of color variation can occur in a lot of Ametrine. Among the colors that are known to exist are beautiful shades of peach, magenta, orange, and as well as range of other colors. Most are actually surprised with this semiprecious stone's appearance as some are not very familiar with this specific gemstone. And there are no questions needed to be asked as to why this one is not very well known, it is because it is very new to the world of gemstones. It has only been available for a only a few decades, but there is no doubt that Ametrine will be soon famous for its craving to the eyes beauty and shades of colors it can produce. 

Going back five hundred years ago, this bicolor semiprecious gemstone is believed to be known and discovered by the Ayoreo Indian tribe in the East part of Bolivia.Ametrine were brought to Europe the time a conquistador present a gift to the Spanish Queen. Before it was called Ametrine, this very gemstone has got a lot of names given to it, here are all the names that were previously used to call Ametrine:

  • Trystine
  • Bolivianite
  • Golden Amethyst
  • Amethyst-Citrine

Amiable properties of Ametrine

Ametrine surely stuns a lot of eyes with its amazing dual color created by the merged Amethyst and Citrine. It has a very distinctive appearance and the merging of two different gemstones are still a bit of a mystery today. But many believes that it is caused by the presence of iron in different states of oxidation from natural heating.

Great Benefits to Get from Ametrine

There is a lot of great and important things that you can benefit from this naturally beautiful gemstone. Benefits that can help a lot in a person's needs. The following are the amazing help an Ametrine can lend:

  • It can help on improving critical thinking skills
  • In addition to that it can also improvise the knowledge and the decision- making ability
  • It leads and provides inner peace and tranquilizes its owner kind of like how Amethyst relaxes its wearer
  • It can help a person relieved from stress and depression
  • It is also considered to be a powerful money and business stone

This is the birthstone for February, that said people who were born in this month will definitely earn a lot of beneficial help from this stone.

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