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Verdite: The Treasure Worthy Gemstone

Verdite is name use to describe gemstones or Fuchsite rocks that are located in South Africa, Verdites however can also be found in Zimbabwe.

Verdite is considered to be an old gemstone that dates back millions of years ago. It was first seen in South Africa right in the North Kaap River directly from the locations where natural gold could be discovered.

Natives of South Africa have been making the best out of these stones for centuries. South African natives used Verdite as a totem and as well as artistic stones. It is very famous for its artworks and carvings purposes.

The brilliant green is also known as African Jade or Buddstone. The most ideal cut for this lovesome gemstone is usually spheres, beads and cabochons

Verdite’s Properties

An ordinary phyllosilicate stone, Fuchsite belongs to the group of Mica. The mentioned group are often cut in multifaceted hydrous potassium-aluminum silicate stones. Verdite is among the green gemstone that also relies on the element chromium. The type of chromium that is present in every Verdite is Muscovite. Muscovite are of a shade of green with a spotless brilliance.

Verdite is also related to another semiprecious gemstone Serpentine.  Verdite is available in colors such as:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red

These shades have the chance to glow when expose to any kind of light.

The Important Lists of Verdite’s Healing Traits

The magnifying powers of Verdite are:

  • Verdite is the gemstone in charge of increasing a person’s power
  • Verdite can be used to access and integrate ancient knowledge
  • In emotional terms, Verdite represents reliability, solidity, and strength
  • It can also be used in cleansing of the blood
  • As well as eliminating of toxins and genital disarrays

Verdite is a blessing in disguise that is the thing that most of our consumer needs. We are suggesting our clients our Verdite that can carry them on the path of greatness. Buyers and visitors are very welcome to check all the Verdite that can be avail in a very fascinating cost.