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Sunstone: The Raging in Exquisiteness Gemstone

Sunstone evidently got its name because of its alikeness to the sun and fire. It comes with a fiery and raging orange. It conveys the vivacity of the sun God known as Ra. The rays and brilliance of this sun god provides the potential lives of all the creatures that stay on our planet, Earth.

Sunstone is the stone that best represents leadership, freedom, personal power and expanded consciousness. Sunstone is very similar with what it resembles, the sun and fire as they both embodies the light and energy.

Before, sunstone is very uncommon and rare, not until the landmines of South Norway has start producing quality kinds of sunstone in a large number of gemstones. Here are the rest of trustworthy location where beautiful pieces of sunstone can be collected

  • Siberia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Oregon
  • North Carolina
  • New York
  • Virginia
  • Pleitocene basalt
  • Utah

Sunstone is the stone that honors the Welsh Goddess, Cerridwen the one who inspires motivation and awareness.

Sunstone’s Properties

Sunstone owns a very sparkling golden-orange tint. Sunstone also has few other varieties such as

  • Golden Sunstone (suitable for people who are born in the mid-summer)
  • Orange Sunstone (valuable for those who are born in the end of summer)
  • Scarlet Sunstone (perfect for all those who are born in the autumn months)

Sunstone ranges from 6.5 to 7.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Sunstone is a member of the feldspar family and glistens the brilliance and light of the sun

The Golden Lists of Sunstone’s Healing Powers

The lists of Sunstone’s Skills of Healing that people should always remember:

  • Sunstone mirrors the qualities of warmth, openness, compassion, mental clarity, and strength
  • It is a stone full of joy and ecstasy
  • It can inspire its owner and improve his enjoyment, feeling of abundance and good nature
  • A cure for all those who suffers from throat related sickness/disease
  • If a person finds it hard to neglect or reject someone or something, Sunstone is the one who will end that difficulty
  • A supreme gemstone that will raise one’s faith and belief
  • As the stone represents the Welsh Goddess, it can also inspire one’s motivation and awareness

Sunstone is here to even the odds or more so, help its owner overcome the odds such as life obstacles. Sunstone is a very commendable gemstone for all those who wants to make a change in the story of their lives. Avail a Sunstone from us so that these pieces of art can start on brightening your days like a sun!