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Sphene: The Shapely and Adorable Pieces of Gemstones

Sphene is part of the lists of the rare gemstones. It is hardly be seen in jewellery or gemstones stores or even in the market. Semipreciousking.com was able to create a selection of Sphene for our customers and this is for those who are finding it hard to find such dynamic peace.

Sphene can also be entitled as Titanite, which attains to the fact that it is an ore of titanium. The term Sphene came from the Greek word for wedge, which specifies the shape of the ends of sphene crystals.

Over the years, Sphene is among the highly prized gemstone probably for the amount of fire it contains. Despite being costly, Sphene is continuous for having a hard time to get notice because of its scarcity.

More often, as times goes by, Sphene stone are being discovered and people are starting to sights some freshly mined Sphened right in the market.

Large number of these Sphene minerals are from the gem fields of Brazil and Madagascar.

Sphene’s Properties

Sphene is a very uncommon titanium silicate. It is also a very small gemstone that weighs more than two carats. Sphene are rare and the fire that revolves them are what makes them special. The fire it obtains are much higher than the Diamond’s. A very delicate kind of gemstone that comes with a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs scale.

Sphene was never used for rings because it can be easily broken. However it can fit perfectly on jewelleries such as earrings, pendants and brooches.

Sphenes usually appears and attracts in colors like:

  • Brown
  • Grass Green
  • Golden Yellow
  • Greenish- Yellow
  • Yellow-Brown
  • Gray
  • Black

Sphene’s crystal are often twinned and are normally cut into brilliant or mixed.

The Full of Good Desire Healing Properties of Sphene

A complete stand out when it comes to its number of healing powers

  • The gemstone that connects smoothly with the Third Eye chakra
  • It can help on improving one’s focus
  • It can expand its owner’s creativity
  • A very profitable gemstone for accelerating one’s skills in learning

Let us help and acknowledged this kind of gemstone more and more! Semipeciousking.com’s sphene cost with only a price that matches the gemstones completely, nothing more and nothing less.