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Sodalite: The Blue That Princesses Loves

Sodalite arrived in the scene with a perfect and hot blue that a royal princess has fallen in love with it. In the year 1806, Sodalite was located in the landmines of Greenland.

It gained its popularity in the 1800’s throughout a royal visit to Bancroft, Canada by her majesty, Princess Margaret of England. The princess adored the mineral and selected it as an interior decoration for the “Marlborough House”. Because of that, most Canadian are now calling Sodalite as Princess Blue.

Sodalite can be gathered on its biggest source, Bancroft, Canada, where the Princess had visited. Bancroft has now the moniker the Mineral Capital of Canada. There are other major contribute from other countries as well such as:

  • British Columbia
  • Maine
  • Tasmania
  • Australia
  • India
  • Namibia
  • Brazil
  • Russia

Sodalite’s Properties

Sodalite gemstones are consisted of the element sodium thus the stone owning a name that resembles to its constituent. Sodalite is seen in all kinds of blue tints. Sodalite is a major component of another magnanimous and beauteous blue, Lapis Lazuli and with this, the two latter are often compared and always mistaken from each other.

Unlikely, Sodalite gemstone are not very similar Lapis as this gemstone comes with a brassier or silver like specks of Pyrite. Despite a minor difference, it can still be used as a great replacement for the more costly Lapis Lazuli.

The Rewarding Healing Properties of Sodalite

The Birthstone for the months of March and July are going to help everyone with its healing traits and here are them:

  • It is sometimes called as the stone for wisdom
  • It is said to be an intensifier of concentration and reinforce courage
  • Sodalite terminates all the guilt and unnecessary emotions
  • Assists in clear thinking and get rids of a person’s fear and confusion
  • Ascends stability as well
  • Produces harmony with others
  • It is said to help the body maintain and retain a healthy metabolism

Sodalite is among the blue toned gemstones that we recommend to those who are an avid lover of celestial blue gemstones. Our Sodalite gemstones ranks to be the most with matchless quality. It is a thing of beauty that can definitely get the attention of prospects for how wholesome it is.