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Scapolite: The Stone That Will Put The Glow In Your Lives!

Scapolite is that amusing and incredibly well looking gemstone that might be what our clients is looking for. It is somehow overlooked by many with how its appearance very similar to many feldspars. Scapolite was named after the German geologist, A.G. Werner, hence it is also known with its name wernerite. Quality Scapolite is found with us but we gathered each and every single one of these Scapolite in countries such as Kenya, Burma and Canada, but it was discovered in Myanmar back in 1913.

These stones can possibly be confused with Quartz considering their lots of similarity. It is also acknowledged to be a rare gemstone since it has the rarity of its transparency. Besides from its other name “wernerite”, its name was derived from the Greek word “skapos” that means stem or stick.

Scapolite’s Property     

This name for this gemstone is used for a category of aluminosilicate minerals that includes meionite, marialite, and silvialite. It comes with a different variety of colors such as purple, pink, blue, yellow and grey it can also appear colorless. In most of the pink and purple variations, a cat eye’s effect can possibly occur. The most common and famous color of this semiprecious stone is Yellow.

Tantalizing and Great Effects of Scapolite

There is no denying that the beauty of Scapolite is completely over the top, however as mentioned before it is commonly a lesser-known gemstone, but with all its effectful healing traits, it will be sooner rather than later that this stone will be much known by many. Here are the lists of what this amiable gemstone can do:

  • It can help its wearer find solution to problems
  • It is a stone of achievement that can help its owner achieve things he/she are aiming
  • Balances every emotional state of a person
  • It can calm down a person who is going through a difficult situation
  • Terminates all the negativities out of your body as well as thoughts and worries
  • It helps its wearer to conquer his life challenges obstacles
  • Helps a person bring and make a change in their lives

Our clients can surely indulge themselves on our premium quality Scapolite as all have underwent through needed inspections to make sure that our products have that quality that will make our beloved customers happy and satisfied. Check out every single one of affordable Scapolite gemstones!