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Onyx: The Mystical Black Stone

Onyx is one of the metaphysical birthstones of December. Normally, it can be gathered in places like Brazil, India, California and Uruguay.

The name can be so popular for kids and grown-ups who have watched or played the famous Pokemon cartoon/game. There is a character named Onyx where the latter is a rock pokemon that displays a rock like body with a hue of greyish brown.

The title Onyx comes from the Greek word that means nail of a finger or claw. A folklore and myth had revolved around the stone and the legend said that the stone was made when Venus was sleeping and Eros/Cupid cut her fingernails and left it scattering onto the ground. For the reason that no heavenly God can die, the Gods have turned them into pieces of magnificent Onyx

Onyx is the traditional gift for married couples on their 7th or 10th wedding anniversary.

Onyx’s Properties

Onyx belongs to the list of the variation of Chalcedony. Its black color is so finesse that it attracted a lot of gemstone collectors and lovers. The black color is accompanied by its tremendous looking texture.

Although there is a variation called Sardonyx where it emits white instead of black and this white can sometimes have ribbon bands against a black or brown background.

On the first existence of Chalcedony, all of its kind were referred to as Onyx. But today, when we think of Onyx the only color that comes to the temple is black but this tone is not the only color Onyx occurs. Here are the others:

  • White
  • Reddish Brown
  • Brown and banded

A very good stone for those who have the hobby or talent to carve as this stone comes with a Mohs scale of hardness that only garners 6.5 millimeter.

Today, Most of the Onyx that are made to avail are commercially in their dyed and heated versions, this is to expand the depth of the stone.

Onyx’s Majestic Healing Powers

Onyx is just one of the black gemstones that are injected with good deeds

  • It is thought to grow and ascend a person’s level of regeneration, happiness, intuition, and instincts.
  • It can help a person change his/her bad habits
  • Has the ability to lessen the sexual desires
  • An “MVP” for treating diseases such as kidney, eye and hair related sickness
  • A recommendable gemstone for a woman who is about to give birth. It is said to help her deliver a healthy baby and as well as decrease the pain when laboring
  • Bone related issues are also one of its specialties
  • Onyx can be a helping hand to those who have epilepsy

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