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color change garnet

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Color Change Garnet: The Unpredictable Garnet

An unusual and one of a kind variety of Pyralspite that can be majorly found in the land mines of Madagascar, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Afghanistan. Color Change Garnet can be found in every kinds of hue except for red and black. The color of Color Change Garnets is modified toward the red end of the spectrum when incandescent light is applied. This is because incandescent bulbs themselves cast a “warm” reddish hue that brings out the red color from minor amounts of chromium within the gemstones

These stones are not always available in the market that is why when a consumer sees one opportunity he should seize the moment and grab that stone for himself. Color Change Garnet are often mistaken for Alexandrite as well.

Color Change Garnet’s Properties

Color Change Garnet are among the rarest and most interesting gemstone of all time. This gemstone is a phenomenal combination of Garnet specie. Color Change Garnet are typically pyrope and spessartine in composition. The color of the Garnet will only change depending on the angle it is viewed on and the light that it will get exposed on.

The Immeasurable Lists of Color Change Garnet’s Healing Skills

Among the different options of Garnet, Color Change Garnet seems to be the most powerful here is to why:

  • It can relieve the conditions of the skin and thereby normalize the flow of blood in the heart
  • It obtains healing traits for both men and women. Men’s reproductive system will stay on track and healthy, while in the case of women it helps in balancing the hormones.
  • If there is any kind of swelling then Color Change Garnet is the answer for that
  • Knows how to cure palpitations, and as well as diseases relating to blood and lungs
  • It can improve the circulation system
  • Ascends metabolic activities and treats cellular and spinal disorders
  • The purifier of blood, lungs and heart
  • It can inspire truthfulness and contemplation
  • It can protect its owner and his belongings
  • Has the potential to help a person to overcome depression

An extravagant and rare stone that we managed to find and cut into masterpieces that would surely please the eyes of our sure buyers. By doing so, we did not just find the rarest kind of Garnet but we can also help our buyers get familiarize them with the gemstone either online or personal. Avail one now for a very reasonable price.